Sep. 5th, 2008

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Rapunzel was in a pensive mood, and couldn't sleep. She knew that Alex was concerned about her since her encounter in Gotham, and she had to admit it had shaken her up.

It wasn't that she was afraid of getting mugged again, or anything like that; she wasn't afraid at all. The memory of her flight to the End of the World to flee the homelands had simply been so unexpected, that it had let the door open to the whole tale. In the dim light of the moon through the bedroom window, with Alex's arms around her, she feels ready to answer the unspoken questions she knows he's been harboring.

She began to speak quietly, knowing he was listening.

"I was on my way back from visiting a neighboring kingdom. I remember that day so clearly…it was warm and sunny, and the wildflowers were blooming everywhere. I was glad to be going home, because I had been gone for three weeks, and missed my family.

A single rider found our traveling party; he was bloody and bruised and barely able to stay upright on his mount. How odd is it that I can remember the color of the tunic he wore, and that the horse had no saddle, but I sometimes have trouble remembering if the dimple in Baldur’s cheek was on the right or left, or exactly how tall Jolenta was…

At any rate, the rider found us and told us we must not go back to the castle, or even enter the kingdom. The Adversary had sent a battalion of soldiers and goblins, and everyone in the castle had been slaughtered. He realized how blunt he’d been, and begged me to forgive him for not putting it more delicately. Imagine--he’s just saved us from a violent death, and he was apologizing."


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