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Jan. 16th, 2011 01:50 pm
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Dear Alex,

I decided that I'd start writing to you, even if you never receive the letters. Every time I return home, I find I always have something I want to tell you, or share with you. It still hurts, in that split second it takes me to remember that you're not here to talk to. I've opened every door I could find a dozen or more times in the hopes that it will lead me back to you. People have begun to think I've developed some strange sort of OCD. I'm hoping that writing you letters will help to ease some of the homesickness I've been feeling for you. I'll keep them in a lock box under my bed. It doesn't even bear thinking about what would happen if the others found out I was writing things about Fabletown down.

It's been a whole year since I came back 'home' from Milliways. A year might not seem like much for someone who is centuries old, but it's seemed like a lifetime since I last saw you. I've been in something of a fog of depression for a long time now, and am just starting to truly notice what is going on around Fabletown. Mostly, things have been peaceful, but a few odd things have happened now and again.

Flycatcher is a frog again. You remember how I told you about him and the Frog Prince story? Apparently Red Riding Hood had something to do with his sudden transformation. It's been obvious to many people that she's had a crush on him almost from the moment Boy Blue brought her back from the Homelands. No one seems to know what to do with him; I'm told that they've got him in a cage in the Business Office for now, but that Mayor Charming wants him sent to The Farm if he doesn't change back, soon.

Higher on the Bad News Scale is the word going out that Hansel has returned to Fabletown as an Envoy of The Adversary. It makes my stomach turn at the idea of his being among us, again. He was one of us, once, but chafed under our laws. He had this crazy religious zeal in him to eliminate all witches in every world. (Did I ever tell you that Frau Totenkinder was the witch in the house made of sweets from that story?) When he ran out of real witches, he traveled around the mundy world accusing innocents of witchcraft. He would come back to Fabletown from time to time to visit his sister, Gretel. He always tried to get her to leave with him, but she always refused. She was a nice girl and I liked her. I'm certain that Gretel's fall (and subsequent broken neck) all those years ago was no accident, but there was no investigation into her death. Ichabod Crane was the Mayor then, so it's no wonder that nothing was done other than banning Hansel forever.

Word is out from the current mayor that every single resident of Fabletown is to treat Hansel with utmost courtesy, or else. He's not to be anywhere in Fabletown without an escort, and he's not to be trusted, but they can't kick him out, either. No one I've discussed it with thinks his arrival bodes well. I hope he leaves, soon.

I keep my ears open for any news of Boy Blue, who was sent to The Farm for two years for breaking Fabletown law. No one is supposed to know exactly why, but it's one of the worst kept secrets among Fables: he stole the Witching Cloak and the Vorpal Blade. He traveled to the Homelands and fought his way through various kingdoms to reach the emperor--only to find out that the so-called emperor was a literal puppet. Geppetto, Pinocchio's father, was the real power behind the takeover of the homelands. Blue eventually escaped from captivity there, and for stealing valuable Fabletown artifacts and jeopardizing Fabletown security, he was sentenced to hard labor at The Farm.

Sadly, I had never gotten the chance to speak to Boy Blue about Milliways, and whether he had ever heard of it. It isn't the sort of conversation one has over the phone. I'd spoken to a Blue while in the bar a long time ago, but couldn't be certain if he was the Blue I know from this world. The Snow White and Bigby I've been told had spent a lot of time there before I ever found the bar certainly weren't the same ones from here; neither were the Rose Red and Goldilocks, as far as I can tell.

How have I been spending my time, you ask? How do I keep from going insane with the idea that I might not find my way back to you?

Mostly, I've been spending most of my evenings painting. I spend a lot of days at the movies, just because it's someplace dark I can go and not have to talk to anyone about why I've been so mopey lately. They actually made a "Rapunzel" themed movie and managed to get NOTHING about me right. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry at that.

Speaking of painting; I even agreed to do a portrait for one of the couples in the Woodland building, just to force myself out of my apartment and into the world a bit more. I've been trying to fit back in, whether I want to, or not.

I still talk to the picture of you that I keep by my bed, when no one else is around. In it, you're wearing your trademark hat and the coat Rachel gave you, and the scarf I made. I play my violin for you; the songs you said you liked when I played. I used to play them when I couldn't sleep, but the neighbors complained after a couple of two A.M. concertos. Now, I'll be writing to you.

I miss you, Alex. I pray you're safe and doing all right.

All my love,
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