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Dear Alex,

Another Christmas has come and gone, and by now, I've been back home for longer than I was bound in Milliways. I wonder how you're faring there, and how you celebrated, and who you celebrated with. I hope you're surround by friends and loved ones and still writing your wonderful articles and making Gotham a better place to live.

Strange and exciting things have been happening here in Fabletown. My time in Tennessee was difficult, but interesting. Beast apparently used some dummy corporation and bought the training camp, and the magic users on the thirteenth floor wove some spells that let those of us that don't exactly pass as normal train without the trainers noticing. If it comes to me actually needing to fight in a battle, my chances of surviving are a hell of a lot better now than they were before. They don't have anything near as sophisticated as the weaponry of the modern world in the Homelands. Basically, they'll be bringing swords to a gun fight.

I learned a few things about myself there. I learned that I detest sleeping in a tent. I hate cold showers and creamed chipped beef. Oh my God--you have no idea how awful that concoction is. I also found out that I have a pretty good eye for marksmanship, though I'm not exactly strong enough to hold my own a fist fight. I AM stronger than I was, and I did learn some useful tricks and moves that involve using momentum against my opponents and finding his or her weaknesses. Bigby and Beast say that I will need to keep working on a lot of these skills once I get home; weight training, martial arts classes with other Fables, and things like that.

Don't worry, it won't be likely be on any front lines. I hope.

In another strange turn of events, Ambrose is no longer a frog! In fact, he's somehow regained his memory. He knows now that his wife and daughter are dead; had been killed by the Adversary's forces centuries ago. It's heartbreaking. He'd been blocking it out for so long, and everyone had been keeping the truth from him, so that he wouldn't go back looking for vengeance and getting himself killed. Now, he's moping around, and not even Red Riding Hood have snap him out of his sullen state. I saw him this morning, getting into the truck that takes supplies to the Farm. Maybe Boy Blue, who is Ambrose's best friend, will be able to help him.

Needless to say, I miss you every day and lament that I can't actually tell you these things myself.

Stay safe and know that you're in my heart.



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