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Dear Alex,

Life here has been anything but stagnant, lately. The magic mirror (think of the one from the story of Snow White) has been showing amazing and unbelievable things. Ambrose is now Sir Ambrose and he intends to establish a new kingdom in the Homelands! The Forsworn Knight's ghost (Sir Lancelot of the Lake) was somehow released from his armor, and he knighted Ambrose and swore to serve and advise him! Now AMBROSE wears the armor that once protected Lancelot, and carries Excalibur--yes, THAT Excalibur. Ambrose went and jumped down the Witching Well (I'm sure I told you about this device, where the corpses of our dead have been sent, more often than not).

We always thought the Witching Well was kind of like a magical garbage disposal for the bodies of our dead, and that is sort of true. What we didn't know was that while the bodies were devoured by magic, the souls of all of those put in the well were trapped in a desolate void in there. I can't imagine being stuck in there for centuries with little change and no hope for release. Certainly there are those who may deserve eternal punishment for their deed in life, but we never dreamed that putting them in the well was consigning them to that fate.

I managed to sneak in for a peak for a few minutes, unnoticed to see what the mirror was showing, but was chased out by Beauty before too long. I suppose she has a point about not letting everyone in to gawk--everyone wants to see what's happening and are wild for news. I think eventually, they will have to devise a way to either broadcast the mirror's happenings or else draw lots for times when people can go and watch for a while. At any rate, news comes out daily on what's happening in there.

Some strong magic is at work here. When Ambrose reached the bottom of the well (if that's even the correct term), those around him regained flesh and blood bodies! He didn't resurrect them exactly--they're still dead. It's hard to describe, but he's the only truly living person there. He's recruited all of those who are willing to be his army, and he says he intends to lead them through the dead lands beneath the well to the lands of the living. I'm told that if they agree to follow and serve him, they will remain spirits made flesh, and will get a chance to be freed for their spirits to move on to whatever comes next for them, later.

He has chosen Trusty John as his squire and Weyland Smith to take the lead in building the new kingdom, when they reach it. There are villains aplenty there as well, and I fear that Ambrose may not be making the wisest decisions, but by all accounts he seems confident and determined.

I don't know how he's going to do it, Alex. Ambrose has a kind heart and a gentle spirit, and he has an admittedly long journey ahead of him. He has no food or drink with him...how long can he last? Everyone is in a constant state of excited tension, waiting for more news out of the business office.

As always, I miss you and think of you every day.

All of my love,



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