Feb. 13th, 2011 09:48 pm
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Dear Alex,

They made it! Ambrose...make that KING Ambrose has made it back to his kingdom in the Homelands and has renamed it "Haven". There's not much left of it, after centuries of abandonment, but at least they didn't have to oust any usurpers or fight anyone else over use of the land.

The journey was long and incredibly hard for all of them, especially Ambrose. There is no food or drinkable water in the dead lands of the Witching Well, and everyone was worried that he might expire before reaching his destination. If was difficult to watch him suffer, and heartbreaking to see his companions so distressed and helpless over the seemingly inevitable. The first signs of life seemed like a genuine miracle, and after a period of recuperation to regather his strength, Ambrose led them to exactly where he promised them.

All of those who stayed faithful and followed him from the dead lands beneath the Witching Well are now beginning to rebuild the castle and plant crops and dig out the remnants of the the orchards that were there before! It will be a hard labor, but one of love. Ambrose has only look thoughtful about something, and his new subjects scramble to please him; he is fair and loving and anyone can see he has their genuine best interest at heart. He is exactly what a good king should be.

To no one's surprise, Bluebeard and Shere Khan took the first opportunity they found once they reached the Homelands (and true work was expected) to betray the others. They tried to attack Ambrose and take over, and lost their corporeal bodies for their trouble. Serves them right, but I fear we haven't heard the last of them. Ambrose banished them from Haven, but I don't believe they were forced back to the lands of the Witching Well, either.

I can't believe they're actually back in the homelands, Alex! They're building and planting and planning to stay there! All of us here in Fabletown have been going out into the Mundy world, shopping for supplies for everyone there. Boy Blue has been filling the Witching Cloak (no relation to the Witching Well, as far as I know) with various items from books to food to tools to clothes! I don't know how it holds them all, but Blue apparently says he'll be able to transport it all to Haven and retrieve it once he gets there. It's exciting Alex! I think it's the first thing I've been truly excited about since I left Milliways.

I've gotten in to watch the mirror a couple of times, though it's usually so crowded, it's not easy to see. The Business Office is almost always so packed with Fables wanting a glimpse of that's going on, that little else gets done unless they kick everyone out. It doesn't take long before we all start trying to sneak back in, or make up ridiculous excuses to speak with the mayor or Beauty. You would think they'd just move the Magic Mirror to a larger place, where we all wouldn't be in the way.

I wish I could share all of this with you in person. I wish it every day. I miss you so.

Love always,



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