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Dear Alex,

The kingdom of Haven seems to be thriving. I haven't been able to get in to watch through the Magic Mirror in a while, but there is a steady flow of news from other who have. King Ambrose sent Lance to speak with the Adversary and let them know that Haven exists. They tried to kill him, but he is a ghost, and they couldn't touch him. He did manage to goad and anger the Adversary's court, and it seems that Ambrose expects them to send their armies to challenge him, soon. I fear he's right.

Things in Fabletown have been generally quiet. All of the attention seems to be focused on what is happening in Haven, and otherwise life continues the same as it has for decades. Other than my new exercise and training regime, I find myself bored to tears some days, longing for the freedom I enjoyed in Milliways. That time would seem like a dream to me, if it wasn't for the memory of you and the photographs and drawings I keep locked away with the letters I write to you every few days.

I wish that I could speak with someone here about it all, but who could I trust that wouldn't think I was completely mad? Frau Totenkinder might actually know something, but you know how I feel about her, and how valid my fears are about admitting anything to her. Nothing she could give or tell me about Milliways would come without some sort of perverse and unforeseen price that would likely prevent me from ever being able to find my way back to you again one day.

Still--I live in eternal hope that one day I will at least know how you are doing, and that you know that I am not returning to you only because I have no choice in the matter. My love for you has not diminished, and I long for you as much now as when we parted.

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