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Dear Alex,

As King Ambrose expected, the Empire sent a huge army to confront him and the kingdom of Haven. I'm told that Ambrose let the opposing army put Trusty John to the sword, to prove them that the subjects of the kingdom could not be slain. He restored Trusty John and pointed out that eventually the Empire would be defeated, because Haven's soldiers would just continue to rise and receive new bodies to continue fighting. I haven't been able to get a spot in the business office, so most of this is second hand information. However, so many people are telling the same story, that I think the details are pretty accurate.

I've told you about the kinds of armies the Empire has at its disposal. Goblins, trolls, men and all other manner of beast in armor and trained well. There is no mercy in them, or kindness.

It was agreed that the Empire could choose one of their own to fight in single combat with King Ambrose, who is not able to rise and receive a new body. We were all terrified for him, and I can only imagine how intense it must have been to be there in person! The invading army chose a huge troll to fight Ambrose, but in the long battle, Ambrose was able to best the troll using only the flat of his blade! His armor and sword fulfilled it's promise to protect him from injury or loss as long as his heart remains pure. He tired the beast out, then when the battle was won, refused to kill his opponent! Instead made him a subject of haven so that he would not be killed for failing the Empire.

The leader of the Empire's battalion refused to honor the agreement he'd made with Ambrose, and it looked like they would have to go to war. Then, Ambrose revealed how clever he truly is! He had his subjects leave their bodies and invade the minds of their attackers. They plagued the enemy with all manner of horrible visions and memories that seemed as real to them as if they were truly happening. The onslaught was too much for them, and they surrendered and fled!

Truly amazing things are at hand. We know that this is just the first of many challenges the King will face, but it is a hopeful sign.

Hope is always welcome, isn't it?

As always, my thoughts, prayers and love are with you.



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