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Dear Alex,

King Ambrose of Haven scared the living daylights out of everyone today.

The Empire finally figured out that its regular armies were useless against the magic of Haven. Those subjects that came to the kingdom by way of the Witching Well would simply leave their bodies, and in spirit form torment the attacking host with nightmares pulled from their own heads. No blood even needed to be spilled, except for those who did themselves harm in trying to escape the onslaught of terror; it was incredibly effective.

Today, a huge army made of what appeared to be every last living wooden citizen carved from the Sacred Grove converged on Haven from every corner of the Empire. The usual repelling tactics could not affect the wooden soldiers; they outnumbered Ambrose's army beyond counting. The king could see that if couldn't win with his usual battle plan, so he surrendered to them! They certainly hadn't expected such easy capitulation, and were at something of a loss to know how to proceed. Then, as they were trying to decide what to do with him , he used up the last of the magic in his armor and turned the wooden army
back into trees. All of them took root, right on the spot! If everyone hadn't witnessed it, they would easily think that the new trees had been there for decades!

Ambrose says that the new trees are now the Sacred Grove and that there can be only one at any given time. The other Sacred Grove (the one Geppetto carved all of the wooden people from to begin with) is apparently dead and it's magic gone. THIS sacred grove will be a place for meditation and peace, he says.

Oh, did I mention that HE NEARLY DIED? He collapsed right after the trees took root, and later told everyone that he'd expected to die in the process, because he hadn't had any guiding visions beyond that point in time. Everyone was upset that he would do such a think without even a warning, and of course there's rejoicing that his plan worked and it seems Haven is safe. I'm just glad he's all right.

Now, King Ambrose has invited any and all of the Farm fables that want to leave The Farm and break their compact with Fabletown. If they want to, they can go back to the Homelands and live in Haven instead of being stuck at The Farm. I think I'm a little jealous, though I'd never go, myself.

Aside from the loss of modern conveniences, Fabletown was the place I found the door to Milliways. There is no way I'd leave it behind; leaving would be too much like giving up hope of seeing you again, and that is something I'm not ready to do. Added to that, I can't abandon the others on the eve of a war I'm supposed to help with. It can't be long, now.

Missing you as always,



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