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Rapunzel had been busy planning, and had everything nearly perfect for her Valentine's Day dinner with Alex. She was wearing a pretty dress with something naughty underneath for later, and she'd brought up a fancy meal from the bar and set it out on the table, just waiting for the candles to be lit, the lights to be dimmed, and Alex to arrive.

She has out wine glasses and a bucket of ice, and goes to put on some soft music while she waits.
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Rapunzel had scoured post-Christmas Gotham for Christmas decorations, and had found almost everything on clearance at department stores eager to get rid of what was left of their stock. Surprisingly, she had even found some blue bulbs with Hanukkah designs on them--maybe Alex wasn't the only Gothamite to be half-Jewish? She smiled now, at all of the pretty ornaments laid out and ready to be put on the enormous tree set up in the corner of her room.

It hadn't been easy to find a Christmas tree, but she had finally gotten one of the other bar patrons to procure one for her, and bring it to the bar. Alex still had a scratch on his cheek from the branches he had had to cut away to make the thing fit in the tree stand.

She had forced Santa hats on both Alex and Allie, and had Christmas music playing softly in the back ground.

"Are we ready to decorate the tree?"
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Rapunzel was watching Alex sleep again. She seemed to be doing a lot of that lately. She had been babying him since they'd gotten back to the bar, and thanking God silently during every moment of it that he was around to baby. Tears welled again at the thought of how close he had come to not coming back at all.

They had been brought back to the bar by Cait, and dumped somewhat unceremoniously through the door; Rapunzel had been in a daze. Alex had passed out soon after returning, and so she had enlisted the help of a kind red haired witch who levitated him gently up to her room. He had never even stirred Rapunzel had undressed him and cleaned him up as best she could.

He was still sleeping, but she was sure it was just sleep now, and not something more sinister.

She brushed a lock of hair off of his forehead, and leaned down to kiss it.


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