Mar. 5th, 2011

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Dear Alex,

King Ambrose has defeated
SEVEN of the Empire's armies! Twenty-one hordes in all! More than that, he does it without bloodshed; he simply uses their own fears against them, and they run screaming. He has offered amnesty and sanctuary to any of the Empire's forces that want to defect to Haven, and the kingdom has expanded its borders several times. Who knows what will come next? The Empire must be running out of armies to send.

I think our own battle with the Empire--the battle I'm meant to participate in--will begin soon enough. The empire has been weakened by loss of the armies they've sent against Haven, and from a strategic standpoint, it would be foolish not to take advantage of that. The Powers That Be around here have been having meeting after meeting both here and at the Farm. Stores of weapons and ammunition are being stockpiled in both Fabletown and the Farm and we all take turns with guard duty when we're scheduled for it. I'm not important enough in the scheme of things to warrant anything more than the briefings everyone else gets, so I won't know what my real role will be until the time comes to start sending us out to our assigned posts.

I'm torn, because I do want to see the Homelands again, but not like this. How different will it be, now that it's been under Empire rule for so long? How much will it change during the fight to win it back? How high will the cost really be? Once the war is over and we're free to return, what will we be returning to? Will my kingdom still be there, or in ruin? Will it really be mine again? Do I really want it back and would the the people there welcome be back? I don't know how to be a queen anymore and I never really handled any of the actual running of the kingdom when I did.

Returning to the Homelands was always that dream we clung to to help us get through. I don't think I ever really believed I'd go back, no matter how many toasts I raised my glass to, promising it. What could there possibly really be there for me now but bittersweet memories and a reminder than everything I loved about it is gone forever? When we win back our lands (even entertaining the idea that it won't happen invites failure), will Fabletown still be available to those of us who don't want to go back? Surely I can't be the only one among all of the fables that feels this way.

At any rate, regardless of what becomes of me, I will do everything in my power to help the others get back to their lands and homes and maybe even families left behind. I've been practicing hand-to-hand combat skills and sword fighting most days, along with a large portion of the Fabletown community. You'd be amazed at how fit and muscular I've become; if only I'd had this training when we went to Makita's world so long ago! I might have been able to protect us better. I won't ever be worthless in a situation like that again, and I may very well find myself in one, soon.

Most nights I come home so tired that I end up falling into bed, and don't have time to dwell on how long it's been since I last set foot into Milliways before I'm fast asleep. The dreams are there of course, and sometimes the nightmares.

I'm never too tired to miss you, though. I keep praying that somehow I'll find my way back; I won't give up until I do. I love you as much as ever.



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